Between June to September


March to May and October to November.


African bush elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah

Indulge in Breathtaking Meru National Park Safari Tours

During the latter part of the 20th century, Meru National Park had fallen prey to poachers and official neglect. However, beginning in 2005 a major rehabilitation program was launched that provided much-needed security and infrastructure upgrades and transformed Meru into one of the jewels of East Africa. Our Meru National Park Safari Tours are breathtaking experiences that leave our guests with memories to last a lifetime.

Meru National Park is considered by many wildlife experts to be one of the most important National Parks in Kenya, yet it remains off the beaten track for many tourists. That is great news for those who wish to avoid some of the bottlenecks that can occur during high season at other parks. Here, it’s just your party, your guide, the spectacular scenery, and the wildlife.

Hidden Gem of Kenya Safari
Meru National Park is certainly a gem, and we’re sure you will agree after you spend 3 unforgettable days among the lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffalo, gazelles, impala, zebras and other animals in this thriving nature preserve.

You will have the option of staying in our luxurious safari lodge or in our beautiful and richly appointed safari tents. During the day you will venture out in the company of our expert guide in your private 4 x 4 Safari Jeeps on a once-in-lifetime adventure across endless grasslands and along the banks of the Tana River with its vast hippo and crocodile populations.

Whether you wish to see the “Big 5” animals, African crocs and hippos, or want to bask in the primeval landscape with Mount Kenya looming in the background, there is something for everyone on our Meru National Park Safari Tours. That includes more than 420 species of birds, which makes Meru one of the best birding locations in this part of East Africa.

Best Time to Visit Meru National Park

The best time to visit Meru National Park is during the dry season, which runs from June to September and from March, May, and October to November. During this time, the weather is mild and the skies are clear, making it the perfect time to explore the mountains and enjoy outdoor activities.


Between June to September


March to May and October to November.


African bush elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah

Meru National ParkGallery.

Accommodation Options

Choosing an appropriate Kenya accommodation during your safari vacation is perhaps the most important part of your travel plans. The Africa Photo Travel Safari Tier system simplifies this process by giving you a comparative metric that reflects the quality of accommodation and safari experiences in Meru National Park based on varied factors.

For guests who desire the utmost pampering and luxury, Elewana Elsa’s Kopje offers nine lodging options that celebrate the life and work of Joy and George Adamson. The Adamsons are noted for their work with lions that inspired the film “Born Free”. This boutique lodge is situated on the top of Mughwango Hill just above the original site of George’s Camp at the heart of the park. The architecture preserves the natural features of the wilderness, including the utilization of volcanic rock outcrops in the design and hand-crafted furniture built from tree trucks.


Meru National Park in Kenya?  Visitors can easily get to Meru National Park by using both air and the available water transport. All these means of transportation are available for the visitors and they get to you the gates of the Meru National Park. 

Best Things to do/Attractions to See in Meru National Park

Meru National Park is famous the world over for its remarkable variety of mammals including critically endangered black and white rhinos. Make sure you see them all, and make sure to partake of the other incredible experiences that are right at your fingertips including:


Experts have identified more than 300 species of birds inside the park. It truly is a bird watchers paradise. Find the perfect spot to set up with your camera at dawn or dusk and prepare to be amazed.

Fishing n’ Rafting

One of the lesser-known activities that is allowed in Meru is fishing. Try your luck catching Barbus or catfish at a variety of sites along the banks of the Tana River. It’s an angling experience to rival any you have ever had.

Aquatic wildlife

Elephants and lions are incredible sights but so too are the park’s many enormous hippos. There is no other animal quite like them, although they are not alone in the water. Meru is also home to some of Africa’s largest crocodiles.

Elsa’s grave

Elsa the lion was the subject of the best-selling book and groundbreaking movie “Born Free”. Elsa was an orphaned lion raised by George and Joy Adamson and released back into the wild in the 1960s. Elsa’s grave is in a discreet area of the park marked by a rough stone and plaque.
While you are exploring Meru National Park don’t forget to get some photos of Mount Kenya rising majestically in the distance.


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