Traveling Tips

Tips and suggestions for travelers

Preparing to travel to Tanzania

Make copies and electronic versions of all required documents (passport, driver’s license, yellow fever vaccination card).

Complete all vaccinations required for travel to Tanzania.

Make sure your credit and debit cards are internationally accepted. Inform your bank about your trip in advance and write down your phone number in case your card is lost or blocked.

Please put the most important items in your hand luggage. Do not put prohibited items in your carry-on baggage.

On rare occasions, there may be a delay in receiving your checked baggage. It usually arrives in 1-2 days. In the event of such unfortunate circumstances, your luggage will be delivered directly to your hotel by the Africa Photo Travel team. Take it on a safari or mountain even if the climbing/safari has already started. Save yourself the hassle by packing a few clothes in your carry-on.

In Tanzania

Tanzania is a safe and peaceful country. However, everywhere, standard travel security should be enforced. Don’t show a lot of money. When withdrawing money from currency exchanges or ATMs, count your money in a safe and private place before you leave home. If you are traveling with expensive equipment such as a large camera or laptop, consider taking a taxi, especially at night. If you’re interested in sightseeing or dining out in the evening, most hotels offer safes and valuables at the front desk.

Only use registered taxis and never private vehicles. Official taxis have white license plates and cars usually have a unique registration number painted on each door. In the cities of Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Moshi, these are mostly white cars with green lettering. If you need to travel around town, ask the Africa Photo travel team or your hotel to arrange a taxi for you.

Arusha and Zanzibar have special tourist police to assist and assist tourists. Africa Photo Travel can help if you have problems contacting the special tourist police.

Do not change money on the street. Tanzania recently changed its currency exchange laws to only allow money to be exchanged at licensed exchange offices or banks.

I received the receipt. All licensed companies in Tanzania have a tax identification number and issue official receipts. When shopping, please ask for an official receipt at the time of product purchase. Some local craft markets are an exception. The safest way to buy handicrafts and gifts in Tanzania is to only buy handicrafts from places recommended by your guide. There may be days when you buy souvenirs. Your driver-guide will take you to an excellent handicraft market selling authentic goods.

While on Safari

Ngorongoro can be cold in the early morning and at night. If you are planning to visit this world-renown site, pack warm layers, such as trousers and a fleece jacket;

Take wet wipes; in high season it is very dusty and wipes are an easy, travel-friendly solution;

Take the clothes to change, preferably a new set of clothes for each day;

Avoid bright colors on safari (white / yellow t-shirts, blue jeans) as they do not help you to blend in with nature during a walking safari, or while driving through the bush. Further, they will show dust very easily. Ideal colors are khaki, dark-green, and neutrals;

Bring a high-quality camera with all the special lens attachments. You won`t be sorry for the additional items when you have a powerful zoom and take an award-winning photograph!

The hospitality industry in Tanzania is much like the rest of the world, and tips are most welcomed and often expected.The recommended amount for safari-guides is $40-60 per day, per vehicle. In hotels, $1-2 to carry your luggage is enough to tip the restaurant waiter a little.

In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a major tourist island, but keep in mind that the majority of the population are conservative Muslims. Please dress appropriately when visiting Stone Town or away from the hotel. There is no problem wearing a swimsuit in the hotel pool or private beach, but when dining out or shopping, men should wear a shirt and women should wear a long dress that covers the knees. Don’t kiss or show affection in public. Holding hands is permissible.

“Beach Boys” may provide services from the beach in front of the accommodation, but often do not have offices or boats and tourists often spend more money using the services. I have. It is safer and more secure to book tours and excursions with reputable agencies.

Sometimes you find someone trying to sell you something, but you can’t say no. for the answer. In Tanzania, it is also considered rude to pressure someone after they have politely declined. In this case, you can either refuse them adamantly, ignore them and walk away, or ask them to leave you alone.

While Climbing Kilimanjaro / Meru

Do not carry valuables with you while climbing. These include laptops and smartphones. Extreme weather conditions are very likely to break or damage them. Also, it will be difficult to charge electronic devices while trekking. All guides have phones and radios for communication.

Aim to drink 3-4 liters of water daily. This speeds up the acclimatization process and reduces these uncomfortable symptoms.

Most of the hikes on Mt. You may want to enjoy a book, MP3 player, map, or other activity during this relaxing time.

Tip the climbing team. The easiest way is to leave a tip in the office when you return (assuming you had a great experience). This makes it easier to distribute tips fairly between guides, cooks and porters. If you have any special requests regarding tip distribution, we can of course accommodate them. The expedition recommendation is US$200-250 per person and is shared across the expedition team.